About Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD.

About Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD.

Dr. Bhanu Shah, MD

Dr. Bhanu Shah, M.D., empathizes with the concerns of women, and her practice emphasizes the woman-to-woman aspect of medicine.

“Balance your hormones and nutrition, and balance your health.”

“Change your looks and change your life.”

Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN practicing in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Additionally, she holds board certification in the practice of rejuvenation and functional medicine. Her patients enthusiastically express their satisfaction with her experience, operative skill, knowledge, kindness, and compassionate nature.

Dr. Shah is a graduate of Washington University and St. Louis University, with a fellowship at Wayne State University in family planning medicine before entering private practice. She is a member of various medical societies and holds certifications from institutions such as Bombay University in India.

Having practiced in Michigan since 1971, Dr. Shah has affiliations with the Detroit Medical Center, Troy Beaumont Hospital, and currently practices at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Center.

“In my practice,” says Dr. Shah, “my patients and I share mutual love and respect, creating a highly fulfilling aspect of the practice of medicine and a source of body, mind, and spiritual healing.”

Dr. Shah emphasizes the need for society and individuals to participate in the welfare of themselves and the medical profession, advocating for patient and community involvement to retain freedom in choosing the right course of treatment.

Her practice focuses on women aged 12 and older, both pre- and post-menopausal, addressing common complaints like fatigue. Dr. Shah highlights the various factors contributing to fatigue and addresses menstrual abnormalities. She also discusses additional symptoms around menopause and offers medical solutions.

Dr. Shah’s Woman to Woman Clinic provides comprehensive services, including physical examinations, mammography, pelvic examinations, PAP smears, ultrasound, minor surgical procedures, hormonal level checks, pregnancy care, delivery, and one-to-one counseling.

“In an environment of corporate mergers, finding a woman’s solo practitioner dedicated to the profession for over 40 years is a rarity,” says Dr. Shah. “I would be happy to welcome you to visit my clinic.”

Thank you for considering Dr. Shah’s Woman to Woman Clinic for your healthcare needs.