About Dr. Shah

About Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD.

Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD.

Dr. Bhanu Shah, M.D. shares the concerns of women. And her practice focuses on the woman-to-woman aspect of medicine.

“Balance your hormones and nutrition and balance your health.”

“Change your looks and change your life.”

Dr. Bhanu J Shah, MD is a Board certified OB/GYN, practicing in sterling heights Michigan Area.

In addition, she is board certified in the practice of rejuvenation and functional medicine.

Her patients are thrilled to express and talk about her Experience, Operative skill, Knowledge, Kindness, Companionate nature of her.

Dr. Shah is a graduate of Washington University, & St. Louis university, and held a Fellowship at Wayne State University in family planning medicine, before entering private practice.

She was a member of the Wayne County Medical Society, Michigan State Medical Society, American College of Obstetrics/Gynecology, OB/GYN Board Certified From Bombay University India, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; is a Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Bombay, India; and is the founder of Michigan Association of Physicians from India (MAPI) and American Association of Physicians (AAPI).

She has practiced in Michigan since 1971 and was affiliated with the Detroit Medical Center, Troy Beaumont Hospital and  currently practicing  out of Ascension Macomb-Oakland   Hospital Center.

“In my practice,” says Dr. Shah, “my patients and I share mutual love and respect, and that is very inspiring. To share that love and respect for each other is not only a highly fulfilling aspect of the practice of medicine but a great source of body mind and spiritual healing.

“The medical environment is unsettling as it is today, and there is ever that threat of looming malpractice lawsuits. But, despite that, taking care of human beings is the highest service we can offer to each other.”

Dr. Shah said, “Society and the individual must participate in the welfare of themselves and the profession of medicine, as no group of professionals can work with the mind entangled with rules and regulations that take the freedom away to choose the right course of treatment for the patient. In today’s environment, patient and community must participate to retain the freedom which they have enjoyed so long.”

“Since the majority of patients who seek help are women,” continued Dr. Shah, “women must air their concerns to preserve the practice of medicine so they can get adequate medical help without being tied up in an endless chain of regulations and red tape.”

Dr. Shah’s practice focuses on women 12 years and older, both pre- and post-menopausal. Dr. Shah says women must pay attention to their energy level. One of the most common complaints she receives is fatigue, and this particular ailment has several factors. Among them are: anemia, low blood count, underactive thyroid, hormonal imbalance; nutritional imbalance; lack of exercise; loneliness and absence of invigorating fun in life.

Various types of menstrual abnormalities contribute to this syndrome.

“Women, especially those around menopause and after, are bothered by additional symptoms,” said Dr. Shah. “Some of them are hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings, wakeful period at night, waking up tired, and the associated symptoms of digestive disorders, stress incontinence, bladder drop and a general lack of interest in life bordering on mild depression.

“Some of these problems could be medically resolved,” said Shah. “And as a by-product of well-being we may hope it will reflect in the other spheres of patient living.

“We all care dearly for our physical appearance, and body contouring by   skin rejuvenation by various methods are available if one chooses and one can take the help of such technology. Then mind ,, body  and spirit work in unison.”

Dr. Shah stresses that the internal design of peace and bliss is achieved by an amalgamation of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

“We, as women,” she says, “are capable of achieving all this, and are able to impart it to our families, to our community and in turn uplift and inspire the entire nation. I am so very happy to be able to share my thoughts with all of you.”

Dr. Shah’s Woman to Woman Clinic offers much to serve you at your convenience: complete physical examinations, breast examinations, mammography, pelvic examinations, PAP smears, ultrasound, minor surgical procedures in the office, hormonal levels checked,pregnancy, delivery  and counseling on a one-to-one basis.

“In an environment of corporations, merging of  big business, it is harder to find a woman’s solo practitioner practicing with dedication,” says Dr. Shah, who has done so for 40+ years.

“I will be hap­­­py to have you visit me,” says Dr. Shah

You are welcome.